Chocolate Maya

photos by  Chelsea Mitchell

A couple weeks ago, we stopped by the fabulous Chocolate Maya, to talk to owner Maya Schoop-Rutten about our upcoming Harvest Dinner. Maya will be joining us on October 18th out at Heartstone Ranch to show us how to make our own chocolate truffles! If you haven't visited her lovely shop, you really should make a trip. She has an amazing selection of handmade chocolate confections... rosemary, pear, fig and honey, chile, lavender... the combinations appeared endless, and were all enticing. Maya was happy to answer our questions, helped us pick out a couple to sample, and we sat down in her cozy lounge to enjoy. What a treat it was to savor these amazing chocolate creations!

Maya’s goal since opening the shop in 2007 has been to introduce her customers to the best chocolate from around the world... grown on plantations where workers are treated with respect and growers are paid fair market prices. In addition to a fine collection of organic and fair trade chocolate, Maya creates her own delicious creations using the highest quality organic chocolate, creams, butter, spices, purees, nuts, and herbs. She looks for local seasonal ingredients and each chocolate is carefully hand dipped and decorated.

We're so excited to welcome Maya to our Harvest Dinner on October 18th! Hope you can join us!

photos by  Chelsea Mitchell

Chocolate Maya | 15 W. Gutierrez St, Santa Barbara, CA |