Autumn Harvest Dinner by Nicole Hernandez & David Eng

As relative newcomers to Santa Barbara, Nicole Hernandez and David Eng both saw food as a way to bond with new friends and co-workers. They created an intimate dinner series as a way to make new friends. Avid foodies, Nicole and David shared a real passion for creating great food and sharing it with good company. Hearty meals were created together to commune with friends and loved ones and have since become a regular tradition in their new hometown. As gourmet cooks and food enthusiasts, Nicole and David draw their inspiration from a myriad of sources that include their respective pasts living in New Orleans and up and down the California coast, recipes from renowned chefs such as Alice Waters and Nancy Silverton to memorable meals at the local deli, taqueria or izakaya, and the freshest offerings at the local farmers market. While the inspirations are many, the goal is singular: to create food that nourishes and delights, and draws us all closer to each other.

For this latest gathering of Fruitful Collaborations, Nicole and David invite you to pull up a chair and enjoy their savory dishes with dark chocolate infusions... all inspired by our Chocolate Workshop that night hosted by Maya Schoop-Rutten, Chocolatier and owner of Chocolate Maya. Nicole and David feel Chocolate lends silkiness and complexity to savory dishes and marries well with the warm dishes made from the amazing produce from the fall harvest. We can't wait to taste their artful creations, won't you join us?