Chef Ashley Mulligan Schutz

My love of Ashley Mulligan Schutz's food began about five years ago and it was, of all things, an array of homemade COOKIES! Now, I'm a bit of an "expert" cookie eater. Over a lifetime of eating at least one a day, Ashley's creations left a mark... Hearty, dense, flaky and drizzled with sweetness, infused with orange. When we started these events at Fruitful Collaborations years later, I asked Ashley to work with us. I knew she was a chef and figured that if her cookies where that memorable what must her other dishes be like... boy was I right!

A true jet setter, Ashley has spent years traveling the globe as a personal chef leading food tours in Morocco, Italy and Spain. It was during those travels that Ashley developed her own vision or sensibility regarding food. "By using organic and native ingredients my hope is to offer an experience of traveling through our tastebuds and by choosing wisely what we put in our bodies, allowing food to be our medicine." Through her many travels Ashley's collected artful and unusual recipes almost as unique as she is.

Last season, she worked with us here at Fruitful Collaboration on our Kinfolk Magazine December workshop, and this month we are lucky enough to have her back again!!! This time teaching us all about the art of creating homemade sweet and savory berry galette on an old fashioned farm. She's also cooking up a beautiful organic picnic spread for us all to share at Summerset Farm on Saturday, August 2. Won't you join us? You know we'd love to have ya!