Holiday Cheer

My family took the holidays very seriously growing up. Our celebrations were steeped in artful family tradition, especially during the winter. That is why we've looked forward to this Kinfolk December Workshop most of all! Harvesting from nature while combining those old world traditions with treasured favorites, not only makes the season more personal, but also unique to you!

Who better to show you the art of wreath making than my professional wreath making sister Victoria Wanberg, whose taken her passion to an art form. She owned her own business, Withers & Vilm, where she handcrafted floral wreaths and bouquets for various clients, including Williams-Sonoma and Smith & Hawken. Initially working with dry florals, her styling soon broadened into all things visual, including interior design, displays, models, and props. Victoria continues to work as a freelance stylist either on-location or in her backyard Rose Cottage, designing handcrafted custom floral pieces. My sister is sure to inspire you as much as she's inspired me!

As we close the season of Kinfolk community gatherings this weekend, we'd love to welcome you to our home to toast an amazing year with all of you and share in some cozy holiday cheer.